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“Tim is always smiling even when I land him with a tricky situation to talk through he still smiles. As for the results he has provided me I don't want to share to many details as he might get to busy and put his prices up” 

John - CEO

Sydney Australia

 "Tim has enabled me to not only increase the sales of our organisation but put them on a path the means we are going to 10X in 12 months at the same time as being able to mentor two people in my personal life. Yes, he has enabled me to be the best version of myself and I am almost frightened of what the future holds.

Jim - Global Sales Manager

Auckland NZ

Hi there and thanks for stopping by to check out our "Book A Chat With A Coach" offer.

Because you're on this page it's highly likely that you are "so over" the stress of playing "whack-a-mole" with your team and you're serious about achieving more with less.

Good call, because once you've done that, your whole world changes.

You get to enjoy more freedom, more fulfilment and more happiness, knowing with great certainty, that your team is predictably performing at perpetually higher levels of achievement and productivity.

We can probably help you with that, but because we don't know you, we can't say for sure.

And you probably don't know us that well either.

So ... let's meet, get to know each other, and figure this thing out for you.

Here's a bit of a heads-up on what will happen when we meet

Firstly, one of our coaches will spend time asking you about you, professionally and personally; where you are at and where you want to get to.  

I'll ask you a whole bunch of questions, but you won't need to prepare anything because the questions will be straightforward.

Then we'll be in a position to identify what you need to do, specifically for your life and your career, in order to enjoy greater levels of achievement while at the same time working less.

And at that point, we’ll know if the Savvy Method™ (in some form or another) would be a good fit for your needs.  

If it’s not we’ll probably be able to recommend something or someone else that would be a better fit.  

And if the Savvy Method™ is a fit, we can talk about the different ways we work with clients.  

Of course, you'll be able to ask us questions as well.

And just so you know in advance, the investment for working together ranges from US$5,000 to US$25,000 a month, depending on what your needs and budget are.

Some people refer to our services as being "reassuringly expensive" and we make no apology for that.

BTW: here's what our meeting will NOT be...

Just so you know, your 45-minute meeting is not some sort of “sales ambush” where you get your arm twisted and pushed into something that you don’t want.  

That wouldn’t be fair on you.  

Instead, it’s a chat between two adults to see if the Savvy Method™ would be right for you.  

And while we'll probably identify areas of potential personal and professional growth our meeting is not designed to be one where we tell you what to do and you go away and do it.

Frankly, if we allowed you to leave the meeting with that idea, we’d be doing you a disservice because you'd fail to implement effectively without expert guidance and coaching. 

You know how it is … literacy isn't mastery … the map is not the territory … and all those truisms. 

It's better that we're upfront with you about what it takes to embed the Savvy Method™, rather than have you think you can implement on your own, and then end up frustrated and disappointed that the results were not what you wanted.

And here's what we need from you before you book a time to chat...

Our entry level program, which is ideal for many people, starts at US$5,000 a month.

Other programs run from US$10,000 to US$25,000 a month, and it may well be that we'll talk about some of these options if they're relevant to you, but we'll figure that out together based on your needs and your budget.

So … if you can afford at least the US$5,000 a month, we're comfortable with setting aside our normal US$1,000 an hour fee, to see if we have something that can help you and that fits your budget.

(And yes, the $1,000 an hour is real. In fact, I average a lot more than that.)

The only thing we ask in return is that you come to the meeting seriously committed to make the changes you need to make in order to realize your potential, and that you can afford for us to work together if we agree that it’s a good idea for you.

Otherwise, there really is no point in us meeting because if we both agree that the Savvy Method™ is a good fit but you can’t afford it then you’ll be disappointed … and we may even be a tad frustrated too ☹.

OK … so if you’re cool with that then please go ahead and book a time for us to chat … we're really looking forward to meeting you..

Finally, whatever conclusion we come to at the end of our chat, we want you to feel excited and confident about your future, not frustrated and disappointed. So please read the following statements and click on the check boxes to confirm that your expectations are in line with what will happen on our call.

The Three Agreements

Please check all three boxes to continue: